5G Abbreviations

【5G NSA】
MCG (Master Cell Group)
SCG (Secondary Cell Group)

5GC (5G Core Network)
5GLAN (5G Local Area Network)
5GS (5G System)
5G-AN (5G Access Network)
5G-AN PDB (5G Access Network Packet Delay Budget)
5G-EIR (5G-Equipment Identity Register)
5G-GUTI (5G Globally Unique Temporary Identifier)
5G-BRG (5G Broadband Residential Gateway)
5G-CRG (5G Cable Residential Gateway)
5G GM (5G Grand Master)
5G-RG (5G Residential Gateway)
5G-S-TMSI (5G S-Temporary Mobile Subscription Identifier)
5G VN (5G Virtual Network)
5QI (5G QoS Identifier)
AF (Application Function)
AMF (Access and Mobility Management Function)
AS (Access Stratum)
ATSSS (Access Traffic Steering, Switching, Splitting)
AUSF (Authentication Server Function)
BMCA (Best Master Clock Algorithm)
BSF (Binding Support Function)
CAG (Closed Access Group)
CAPIF (Common API Framework for 3GPP northbound APIs)
CHF (Charging Function)
CN PDB (Core Network Packet Delay Budget)
CP (Control Plane)
DAPS (Dual Active Protocol Stacks)
DL (Downlink)
DN (Data Network)
DNAI (DN Access Identifier)
DNN (Data Network Name)
DRX (Discontinuous Reception)
DS-TT (Device-side TSN translator)
ePDG (evolved Packet Data Gateway)
EBI (EPS Bearer Identity)
EUI (Extended Unique Identifier)
FAR (Forwarding Action Rule)
FN-BRG (Fixed Network Broadband RG)
FN-CRG (Fixed Network Cable RG)
FN-RG (Fixed Network RG)
FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)
GFBR (Guaranteed Flow Bit Rate)
GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Centre)
GPSI (Generic Public Subscription Identifier)
GUAMI (Globally Unique AMF Identifier)
HR (Home Routedroaming))
IAB (Integrated access and backhaul)
IMEI/TAC (IMEI Type Allocation Code)
IPUPS (Inter PLMN UP Security)
I-SMF (Intermediate SMF)
I-UPF (Intermediate UPF)
LADN (Local Area Data Network)
LBO (Local Break Outroaming))
LMF (Location Management Function)
LoA (Level of Automation)
LPP (LTE Positioning Protocol)
LRF (Location Retrieval Function)
MCX (Mission Critical Service)
MDBV (Maximum Data Burst Volume)
MFBR (Maximum Flow Bit Rate)
MICO (Mobile Initiated Connection Only)
MPS (Multimedia Priority Service)
MPTCP (Multi-Path TCP Protocol)
N3IWF (Non-3GPP InterWorking Function)
N5CW (Non-5G-Capable over WLAN)
NAI (Network Access Identifier)
NEF (Network Exposure Function)
NF (Network Function)
NGAP (Next Generation Application Protocol)
NID (Network identifier)
NPN (Non-Public Network)
NR (New Radio)
NRF (Network Repository Function)
NSI ID (Network Slice Instance Identifier)
NSSAA (Network Slice-Specific Authentication and Authorization)
NSSAAF (Network Slice-Specific Authentication and Authorization Function)
NSSAI (Network Slice Selection Assistance Information)
NSSF (Network Slice Selection Function)
NSSP (Network Slice Selection Policy)
NW-TT (Network-side TSN translator)
NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function)
PCF (Policy Control Function)
PDB (Packet Delay Budget)
PDR (Packet Detection Rule)
PDU (Protocol Data Unit)
PEI (Permanent Equipment Identifier)
PER (Packet Error Rate)
PFD (Packet Flow Description)
PNI-NPN (Public Network Integrated Non-Public Network)
PPD (Paging Policy Differentiation)
PPF (Paging Proceed Flag)
PPI (Paging Policy Indicator)
PSA (PDU Session Anchor)
PTP (Precision Time Protocol)
QFI (QoS Flow Identifier)
QoE (Quality of Experience)
RACS (Radio Capabilities Signalling optimisation)
(R)AN ((Radio) Access Network)
RG (Residential Gateway)
RIM (Remote Interference Management)
RQA (Reflective QoS Attribute)
RQI (Reflective QoS Indication)
RSN (Redundancy Sequence Number)
SA NR (Standalone New Radio)
SBA (Service Based Architecture)
SBI (Service Based Interface)
SCP (Service Communication Proxy)
SD (Slice Differentiator)
SEAF (Security Anchor Functionality)
SEPP (Security Edge Protection Proxy)
SMF (Session Management Function)
SMSF (Short Message Service Function)
SN (Sequence Number)
SNPN (Stand-alone Non-Public Network)
S-NSSAI (Single Network Slice Selection Assistance Information)
SSC (Session and Service Continuity)
SSCMSP (Session and Service Continuity Mode Selection Policy)
SST (Slice/Service Type)
SUCI (Subscription Concealed Identifier)
SUPI (Subscription Permanent Identifier)
SV (Software Version)
TNAN (Trusted Non-3GPP Access Network)
TNAP (Trusted Non-3GPP Access Point)
TNGF (Trusted Non-3GPP Gateway Function)
TNL (Transport Network Layer)
TNLA (Transport Network Layer Association)
TSC (Time Sensitive Communication)
TSCAI (TSC Assistance Information)
TSN (Time Sensitive Networking)
TSN GM (TSN Grand Master)
TSP (Traffic Steering Policy)
TT (TSN Translator)
TWIF (Trusted WLAN Interworking Function)
UCMF (UE radio Capability Management Function)
UDM (Unified Data Management)
UDR (Unified Data Repository)
UDSF (Unstructured Data Storage Function)
UL (Uplink)
UL CL (Uplink Classifier)
UPF (User Plane Function)
URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication)
URRP-AMF (UE Reachability Request Parameter for AMF)
URSP (UE Route Selection Policy)
VID (VLAN Identifier)
VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)
W-5GAN (Wireline 5G Access Network)
W-5GBAN (Wireline BBF Access Network)
W-5GCAN (Wireline 5G Cable Access Network)
W-AGF (Wireline Access Gateway Function)